Generator Stockholm


Experience Generator Stockholm, a hotel and designhostel offering flexible coworking spaces in a cool and relaxed environment and soft background music.

You get access to free Wi-Fi, coffee/tea and open working spaces + Generators private podcast studio. On site you are offered printing opportunities and it is also possible to rent a private meeting room with a special discount, for just 1 hours or during the full day.


You are also offered 10 % discount on breakfast options and todays lunch at Generators restaurant Hilma. Make sure to check out their events too as this is a vibrant spot for culture and music events both in Generator and in Hilma.


Free Wifi

Opus members receive a

10% discount on their breakfast and lunch of the day

Unlimited free coffee, tea

and water

Meeting and conference room booking

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 08.00-18.00





Torsgatan 10, 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden