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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How does it work?

When arriving at your chosen workplace location, simply press the check-in button and you will be greeted with the check-in screen. Show the screen to a member of staff at your chosen workspace, order some coffee or tea and get to work. Our members receive unlimited refills on coffee, tea & water and discounts on other food and beverage purchases. Check your workspace location profile to see the available discounts.

When you have finished your day of productive work, simply press check-out and go on with your day. Remember to favorite the location to make it easier to navigate to the workspace in the future. 

2) Can I check in to different locations on the same day?

Yes, with the unlimited membership you are able check in wherever, whenever and however many times you want. Just remember to check out from the previously used location. You will receive a reminder to check out when leaving the workspaces.

3) Is it possible to use Opus abroad?

Yes, all Opus members are welcome to all of our workspaces in all countries that we are present in. Keep an eye on our workspace partner list and our social media page channels as we are continuously expanding to new locations and new cities.

4) I don't know if I want to sign up for Opus?

We understand that new concepts are sometimes difficult to commit to, we've been there. We therefore offer a completely free 7-day free trial for you to test it out and enjoy the benefits that come with membership.

5) Can you add my favorite café?

We are constantly working on expanding our workspace partner list. If you know a place you think would suit the Opus community, feel free to end us an email. We want to actively know where you feel comfortable working.

6) Why would I join Opus?

At Opus, we aim to provide a platform that highlights three main objectives. Firstly deliver a flawless platform that emphasizes on different workspaces' capabilities in terms of working needs (similar to TripAdvisor, but focused on the perspective of someone working / studying instead of tourism). Secondly, we wanted to provide our customers with a sense of belonging at all our locations by eliminating the stress of feeling that you are unwelcome or occupying a seat. Finally, due to our amazing partners, we are able to provide free coffee, tea and water for all of our members to enjoy as well as discounts on food and beverages.

7) Who is Opus for?

We believe that our membership benefits and offerings are valuable to all people - from students to freelancers and large corporations. Due to Covid-19, we quickly experienced the necessity of working remotely. However, as many of us quickly realized, it can be tedious and unproductive to work from home. That is where Opus comes in: we want to provide you with an alternative to your home office, and help you to find your favorite workspaces in the city.

Have any more questions or concerns? Just get in touch with us and we'll get back to you.

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