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The Library Europe

Limited seats available


The Library Group operates two boutique office hotels in Brussels. One by Montgomery and one at Square Ambiorix with a view of the EU commission. We offer coworking, private offices and meeting rooms in beautiful townhouses decorated with Nordic design.


The Library is conceived, designed and operated to be an antidote to the (truth be told) blandness of office life. The entrepreneurs, independents and freelancers often choose this path because life in a cubicle just isn’t for them. However, the casual conversation, chance meetings and basic human interaction of coworking is a must to challenge you and bring your business forward.


The Library offers you the conveniences of a flexible office in surroundings that are so very different from cubicle life. Enjoy the eclectic mix of contemporary, Scandinavian design, antiques, cosy lighting and the rich, hushed buzz of people living up to their full potential.


Free Wifi

Meeting room - €450 for half day

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 09.00 - 17.00




Drinks & snacks for purchase

Phone booths


Ave. Broqueville 40, 1200 W.S.L

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