Optimising Remote Working in Covid-19 Times


Ben Brockbank

6th November 2020

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By now you must be thinking - not another article about Covid-19…


But this one is here to give you some tips on how to optimise working remotely in these strange times. Because even though life seems to have paused in many ways, this doesn’t mean that your career has to!


Firstly, set a day-to-day schedule to stick to.


Yes, working remotely brings with itself a certain flexibility, and sometimes you might need to move around certain obligations to make it all work. Yet, human beings are creatures that function well in a routine setting. Set a time for yourself when you start working, when you take your lunch break, and when to call it a day. Part of that routine might simulate things that resemble your old office life: going for a run before work, getting dressed properly, going out for a coffee break…


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Second, setting rules with the people in your household might help with staying focused throughout the day. You might tell your kids that when they come home from school, you still have to work another couple of hours but that you will spend time with them later in the evening. You might make an arrangement with your partner about when and who walks the dog. These are all things that prevent you from losing the focus that is often hard to come by when working from home.


But to get that focus in the first place, you need a productive workspace. Set up a designated, quiet space in your house where you can focus. Make sure to keep your desk tidy, to have a nice playlist playing in the background (take a look at the ones Opus recommends!), and to check if your WiFi connection is strong. 


It’s very easy to isolate yourself completely from your team when working remotely and feel disconnected.


To keep everyone in the loop, over-communication is key. In a traditional office setting, it’s much easier to check up on your team members to see what the status of a certain project is. Now, people have to make a real effort to keep everyone up to date, and the only way to do that is to over-communicate. Perhaps you send an update in the evening on how you are progressing with a certain project, or schedule a call in the morning with your team members to address any concerns. Anyhow - communication is key! 


Even with all these tips we understand that working at home can be extremely challenging. We like to think that Opus can help with that! 


Opus has handpicked productive workspaces for you to get your work done, away from the distractions and perhaps mundaneness of working from home! Opus makes it easy to get out of the house for a couple of hours and work in a café, hotel lobby or coworking office, with a great cup of coffee and inspiring surroundings.


Get out for your lunch break and enjoy Opus’ discounts on food and drinks. Perhaps your printer isn’t working, your WiFi is slow - get to one of our coworking partners to get that sorted! Do you just need a change of scenery? No worries - get to that hotel lobby, work a productive couple of hours with the Opus app, and afterwards treat yourself - and perhaps one of your colleagues - to a socially distanced drink in the hotel bar.

Try Our 7 Day Free Trial 

Try out our workspace locations for free with a commitment-free one week trial. If you decide to stay – enjoy 25% off your first month!

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