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How Much Do You Spend On Coffee?


Ben Brockbank

5 June 2020


It's no secret that we love our coffee in Sweden.

In fact, we're one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world. In 2019 alone we drank 8.2kg of coffee per person.


That's a hell of a lot of coffee. ​


Now, at Opus we love coffee, but drinking 2-3 cups a day (the average amount Swedes drink per day) quickly starts to add up. ​


We put together a short animated infographic to visualise how the cost of coffee can start to add up. ​Check it out below.

Now, we're not saying cut down on coffee. 

40 SEK for a cup of coffee can hardly be considered a financial disaster, but over the course of months, and years, it starts to add up.

In fact, when we were students, and later when we became entrepreneurs and remote workers, we could often be found wandering from cafe to cafe, trying to find somewhere suitable to set up and work for the day.

Not only did this take a considerable toll on our wallets, but we often struggled to find suitable workspaces to work from.

That's where Opus came to life, with a simple goal to provide everyone with easy access to creative workspaces - without the coffee bill.

At Opus, we partner with amazing spaces around the city to make sure you have access to a space where you can get your work done on your terms, in a space that suits you.

All the workspaces come with free coffee, tea and water as well as discounts on food and drink.

Sign up, try the workspaces and save some money on coffee!

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