A New Way to Work in

Stockholm and Helsinki


Ben Brockbank

28th September 2020

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As the remote work movement continues to rise in Europe, the shift towards individuals and teams using coworking and other flexible work options will continue to play a significant role in where, and how we work.


Remote work is seeing a boom in Western Europe and America, with teams looking to cut costs and individuals relishing the flexibility that it brings.


Scandinavia is also seeing an increasingly large portion of the population turn to remote work. In fact, a recent study found that 18% of Swedes worked remotely “at least several times a month”.


It’s fair to say that as remote work continues to rise, so too will the need for more flexible work solutions to meet increasing demand.


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Remote workers and teams find clear value in coworking spaces - increased productivity, more workday flexibility and being part of a like minded community being some of the common benefits.

A typical coworking space will have around 80 members working across 70 desk spaces, but of course, many are far smaller and there are some that take over entire buildings.

These spaces generally work on a month to month basis - you pay a fixed fee (usually between €150 - €300 per month) and get access to that space.  

While this is a great model that works well for many people, are there other options for those with a smaller budget and those who want increased flexibility in where and how they work?

That’s the question that we’ve asked ourselves at Opus.

How Opus is Doing Things Differently

Opus was founded on the idea that everyone works differently. 

When we were students, we found ourselves frustrated with the workspace solutions available to us. Libraries weren’t suited to our work style, working from home was distracting, and cafe’s started to get expensive.

This frustration continued when we became entrepreneurs and remote workers. Trying to find suitable spaces to work from or hold meetings became stressful, wasted time and made our work days less productive. 

Coworking spaces were a good option but the hefty monthly price tags often put us off and weren’t cost effective as we liked to have flexibility in where we worked from on a daily basis, rather than being confined to working in one space.

We soon realized that there were a lot of people experiencing this same problem, and Opus was born as a solution to this.

We partner with amazing spaces around Stockholm and Helsinki - hotels, cafes and coworking spaces - and give you access to ALL of them, with one affordable monthly fee.

Our memberships give those without a permanent workspace access to amazing spaces to work from, and those with workspaces the option to increase the flexibility of their workdays.

Opus also increases the sense of belonging and welcome when you use our workspaces. Because we’ve officially partnered with these spaces, you can enjoy them without feeling guilty or uneasy about being there, or only ordering one cup of coffee. You can relax, enjoy the workspaces and have a productive day.

It’s clear that your surroundings have a huge impact on productivity and work output, and we believe that everyone should have access to spaces where they feel comfortable, productive and more creative.

Opus gives you access to many spaces around your city, but without the cost associated with traditional coworking spaces.

Try Our 7 Day Free Trial 

Try out our workspace locations for free with a commitment-free one week trial. If you decide to stay – enjoy 25% off your first month!

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