6 Reasons You Should Be Using a Co-Working Space


Ben Brockbank

5 June 2020

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Co-working isn’t a new concept, but the rise of alternative workspaces over the last decade has shown one thing - that they’re here to stay.


In fact, Europe has seen a steady increase in remote work over the last 5 years. A recent study showed 10% of employed persons in the EU now work remotely, and it’s safe to say that number will only continue to grow.


Aided by changing attitudes towards flexible work practices and the growth in remote work options, it’s now becoming easier than ever for people to exert more control over their work lives.


As more and more businesses and workers turn to co-working, we wanted to outline some of the ways that co-working can benefit you and your workday.

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1. Co-working boosts productivity and creativity

Working from home can be distracting. That Netflix series is calling your name, the house ‘needs’ cleaning and those home projects you’ve had in the back of your mind now suddenly seem so important. 


Using co-working spaces is a sure-fire way to get into ‘work mode’ and ease your mind of distractions. Plus, it’s weird to watch Netflix in a cafe or co-working space.

Now, you may be thinking “surely the noise and distractions of a co-working space cause a loss in productivity?”. 

Japanese researchers studied this and found that meaningless background sound actually accounted for an increase in productivity, and is in fact less distracting than ‘meaningful’ speech you’d hear in the office or at home. 


Productivity spreads too, and there’s a sense of accountability just being around other people who are working and focused on what they’re doing. 


As well as this, having the option to work from interesting spaces that stimulate you and suit the way you work you will keep you happy and motivated - two things that are key for productivity. 

2. Co-working spaces give you flexibility


Having access to co-working spaces gives you a huge amount of flexibility in the way you work.

Not only does working from a co-working setting give you the freedom to decide when and where you want to work, but the depth of available co-working spaces also means that you can be set up for whatever kind of workday you need to have. 

Want to take a long lunch break and hit the gym? Simply check back in when you’re ready to work again. Have to take a late call with a client? No problem, many workspaces are open 24/7. Need to host a lunch meeting? Great, a lot of spaces have comfortable tables to accommodate guests.

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A lunch meeting at Hotel C Stockholm, one of our partner spaces

This kind of flexibility allows you to have more balance and control over your workday.

The amount of options now available means there is something for everyone, and with new co-working business models emerging, it’s highly likely there’s something out there to suit your needs.

At Opus, our plans actually give you unlimited access to a large number of spaces around the city, so you can change up your workspace based on how you feel and what you’d like to accomplish that day.

3. Co-working brings structure to your day


Working from home can go by in such a blur. 


Without structure and something to separate work life and home responsibilities, that morning rush of productivity can often become an afternoon of distractions, and before you know it, you’re checking your emails before bed and completing tasks long after your work day should have finished.


Using a co-working space gives you a structure to your day, and allows you to separate work life and personal time, all the while giving you the freedom to get your work done on your terms.

This means you have greater control over your work day, which increases productivity, work satisfaction and leads to a better work-life balance.

4. Co-working leads to skill-sharing, networking

    and connection


Co-working spaces have a strong sense of community and interactivity. 


In fact a recent study showed the significance of small daily interactions - with the barista, or the person you greet as you arrive - contributing to heightened happiness and satisfaction with your day.


Co-working is built on these kinds of small interactions and they often lead to more meaningful connections.


You’re also surrounded by a diverse set of people with an interesting array of skills, and many friendships and professional relationships have been formed from the connections made at co-working spaces.


Many co-working spaces also hold regular community events and meetups - an amazing way to meet like-minded people and build your professional (and personal) network.

5. Co-working spaces are affordable


For what they offer, co-working spaces can be incredibly affordable. There are now so many options for co-working, that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to gain access to great workspaces.


Most co-working options offer flexible monthly packages that can be easily cancelled, and many spaces offer free coffee, as well as other workplace benefits such as printing and access to meeting rooms at a discounted cost.


In short, they offer all the benefits of a traditional office, but without the associated cost.

6. Co-working spaces are fun and help prevent loneliness


Being a remote worker can be lonely. 


In fact, in a report from Buffer, 19% of remote workers reported that isolation and loneliness were the biggest struggles they faced with working remotely.


Co-working surrounds you with a network of like-minded people and can help alleviate the feeling of loneliness associated with working from home. The nature of co-working spaces means that there are many opportunities to meet new people and make connections that you might otherwise miss out on.

Harvard Business Review recently carried out a study on the social side of co-working and found that the social ties associated with co-working proved the most valuable. Their research showed that:


of respondents report that they meet other members for social reasons


report that they are less lonely since joining a

co-working space


said co-working has expanded their social network

As well as this, co-working is fun. Experiencing new places gives us a sense of freedom and excitement, and the opportunity to work from unique, inspiring spaces and connect with interesting people is incredibly rewarding.

Co-working is here to stay

It’s easy to see that co-working isn’t just a trend - it has transformed the way that many people and businesses work in the digital age, and as more and more people begin to see the amazing benefits that co-working has to offer, demand will only increase.


At Opus, we partner with amazing workspaces around the city to give you unlimited access to co-working, so you can get your work done on your terms, in a space that suits you. Try out our 7 day free trial to check out some of the amazing spaces around your city!

Try Our 7 Day Free Trial 

Try out our workspace locations for free with a commitment-free one week trial with all membership benefits and workspaces included.

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